Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Play day!

Livy got to have some friends over to play "kitchen" with her yesterday!
Bethany is making chocolate milk.
Livy puts mustard on her baby's hot dog
 More friends arrive!
Patrick and Nicolas are such sweet friends!
 Livy LOVES baby Emma!

 Sometimes it's fun to make a BIG mess!
 Livy and Bethany visit the chickens
Everyone enjoys the slide!
 Amanda and Emma find some shade.
 "Mommy, can I take this off now?"
 Peek-a-boo, Bethany!
 I love this expression!
 Emma is a precious baby!
Livy is so happy!
 Bethany is happy, too!
 "Look at my mantis!"
 Five Friends

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Gallaghers' Moving Day

We were so delighted to help our dear friends move into their new home last Saturday!  We went to church with both James' and Hope's families when we lived in TX, and it's so neat to be in the same church again after over 14 years!!!!!!
On the steps of their new home
Emma, Patrick, and Nicolas
Unloading the truck - Daddy, Nicholas H. and Rebekah
Nicolas and Amanda
Nicholas H., Daddy, Emily, and Patrick
A heavy load! :)
Houston and Jonathan
Mike and David
Big Nicholas
Little Nicolas is still helping "Aunt Amanda"
Looking down into the living room
Setting up Emma's crib - Cathi, Rebekah, Patrick, and Deborah
Setting up Nicolas' crib
Nicolas finds a box of toys!
Patrick and Nicolas in their new room!
Lunch time!
Emma loves Patrick!
A couple of photos by Patrick - Aunt Sarah and Nicolas....
...and Aunt Deborah and Emma
Precious Patrick
I love those eyes!
Adorable Nicolas
Nicolas has found some dirt already! He'll be a country boy in no time!
Patrick enjoying his umbrella from his dear Mimi
Watching Uncle David put the table together
Look! I can touch the ceiling!
Moving is fun!
Hope and her darling boys
The boys love this horse - a gift from Mimi
Working in the kitchen
Someone's worn out!
Meeting baby Eva
Aww! So precious!
Patrick was so happy to get to hold Eva!
Waking up!
"What?! No one told me the Gallaghers were moving here! I can't believe it!"
I love Eva's expressions!  Looks like she is thinking deeply about something!  (She's probably wondering why we're always sticking the camera in her face!)
Patrick brought Eva some of Emma's toys to play with. :)
Even Emma gets a turn to hold Eva...but it lasts only a few seconds. :)
"Goodbye, friends!"