Sarah is analytical, compassionate, organized, and creative.  She is a great combination of seriousness and fun.  She enjoys photography, beekeeping, graphic design, theology, crafts, and ... especially ... children. :)  She's a whiz at anything mathematical!

Sarah plays the violin and currently has 20 students.
She is an excellent teacher!

Sarah is a dedicated beekeeper.  She enjoys supplying our family and others with delicious honey, as well as making lip balm, lotion and candles from the wax.  She even serves customers from out-of-state!

A few facts you might not know about Sarah ...
  • Sarah loves the sound of coyotes howling
  • Sarah used to be very quiet
  • Sarah knows Sign Language 
  • When she was a child, Sarah wanted to play the trombone
  • Sarah would love to see hive beetles go extinct

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