Monday, April 4, 2016


After being too busy to post much for quite some time, here's an attempt to catch up on the last five months!

Daddy's side of the family gathered at Mama Flo's to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Aunt Rebekah and Hugh

Allie Caroline

Mama Flo, the chief cook

Melissa showing Mama Flo a picture of Hugh :)

Aunt Jeanne and Rebekah 

Delicious Homemade bread


Rachel's pumpkin roll

Hugh and Aunt Sarah

Showing off his new walking skills for cousin Amy

Such a cutie!

Don't we have bland taste in vehicle colors? :)

Hugh - the center of attention :)

Talking to Varron and Lori

Uncle Larry and Hugh

Hugh is thrilled to get his hands on Uncle Jonathan's phone! :)

Aunt Jeanne, Amy, Ross, and Emily

Mama Flo, Rebekah, Melissa, Ross, Russell, Amanda, and Mama

I love this picture of Daddy and Hugh!

Amanda and Russell playing Thanksgiving hymns

Everyone got to sing along and praise God!

Mama Flo and I just happened to be matching! :)

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