Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Meeting Katherine

Big brother at the hospital, waiting for his little sister to arrive.

With Aunt Deb

And Aunt Rebekah

Katherine is here!!!!

Baby Katherine has a large fan club! :)

Ross with Hugh and his cousin Owen

Ross' mother and grandmother

Beautiful Baby Girl!

Grandmama with the 2 sweet babies

The happy family of 4!

Chubby cheeks!

Peeking at her family

All the photographers :)

I love her look in this picture!

Mama Flo meets her 6th great-grandchild

Back at our house in the evening, Hugh practices to be a big brother. 
First he knocks the stroller over and says "Ouch!"...

...Then he kisses the baby and asks if she's okay!  He has much to learn! :)

Katherine at home!

Aunt Deb and Katherine

We enjoyed doing a photo shoot with our sweet baby at 3 days old

Hugh loves his baby sister!

This picture is a good example of how our photo shoot went. :)
He likes to pat her head a little too hard!

 This picture is so funny! :)

So much hair!

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