Friday, October 2, 2009

My wonderful time with Samuel...

I spent the month of September in South Carolina with my precious little buddy, Samuel, and his parents.
Having the opportunity to help him with his school work for an entire month was such a thrill for me!
He can spell his name...
...and now he can spell his last name, too!
Samuel learned to write 4, 5,6 and...
Bekah is proud of you, Samuel!
This was a hard dot-to-dot!
Samuel can add...
...and cut with scissors...
...and read 12 words!
-Once a week, Samuel goes to Co-op-
One of his favorite things about Co-op
is getting to wear his "school backpack"!
He loves his name tag, too.
Co-op is exciting!
-A Field Trip to the farm-
On my last Monday at their house, Samuel and his parents had a very nice, surprise birthday party for me... and I was surprised!!!
(It helps when someone else is willing to be in pictures with you!)
Samuel gave me a set of Strawberry Shortcake stickers.
This is my beautiful cake, and Samuel helped me
blow out the candles.
Thank you so much
for everything,
Hunt (and Noller) families!
I think these are my favorite pictures from the whole month! :)
Daddy sent a watermelon for Samuel and, as you
can see, he loved it and helped himself to all he could fit on
his plate... plus some!
Goodbye to Samuel! Bekah loves you and will miss you!


  1. What a precious way to spend a month away from your family! I'm sure the LORD has multiplied many blessings to you, Rebekah, for loving and giving to others! Samuel is very gifted to have you for a special friend! May the LORD continue to BLESS you, and your family!

    Karen Gray~

  2. Hello, Rebekah. You and Samuel look so nice.

    Love, Owen