Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Beeman Visit!

We were so excited to have our friends, the Beemans, visit again for a few days!!
Kathryn and Sarah
Precious little Daniel ready for church
Our cousin Livy LOVES baby David!
Daniel picking berries
Livy and Kathryn playing with a real-live baby doll!
Daddy and David
Jonathan, Jedidiah, and David shooting skeet
Helping make Rice Krispy Treats
Kathryn and Livy had so much fun together! They kept calling each other "Sister".
Kathryn looking at the flowers
How many people can work on one meal?? :)
Our friend, Esther, was travelling with the Beemans. It was so fun to have her here!
Emily and Jedidiah
Kathryn and Amanda

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