Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Day With Mama Flo

Livy is always so excited when it's her turn to spend the day with Mama Flo!

Here she is "pranking" Mama Flo with a fake jar of peanuts.

Mama Flo and Livy looking at a book

Baby Eva came over!

She's so adorable!

"Look at me!  I'm standing!"

We took King on a walk down to the pond.

"Deborah, I'm afraid there might be snakes!"

Livy tried to read this sign and said, "No singing?"

A kiss for King...

...and a hug too!

Anna and Eva, with their cute little house in the background.

Something sure is funny!

Mama Flo and her second great-granddaughter

I loved the way Eva's hair was blowing in the wind!

Our precious little Eva is 9 months old already!  Click here to see Eva's 9 month pictures!

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  1. Love, love this picture of her in front of the water! Beautiful baby! :)