Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Shiloh National Military Park 4-miler
April 13, 2013

I started this post yesterday, but with the tragic news from the Boston Marathon, I just couldn't finish....  

Having just run this race on Saturday (yes, I know a 4 mile race is nothing compared to a marathon, and Shiloh, Tennessee is nothing like Boston) made the Boston news feel so real... so dreadfully heartbreaking!
-Those injured, or affected in any way by this tragedy, are in our prayers!
-Praise the Lord that He's given us the Holy Spirit, The Comforter!

Here are "our" runners in Saturday's race.
Melissa, Amanda, and Rebekah, with our cousin Amy (far left) and Hope and James G. (far right)

Our town has an awesome racer!  
Jay always beats the majority of the runners.

Here are the 165 racers, beginning to assemble...  
(By this time, I've already got cold feet! "Amanda, why did I let you talk me into doing this again?")

Then the horn blows... and away go the runners!

Our little cousin, Allie, and James and Hope's four little ones 
enjoy playing together while they wait for the racers to return

Hey! How about a kids' race?

Emma won't be left out!

Here comes the very first finisher, finishing in 22 minutes, 40 seconds!

...and here is the first female finisher, crossing in 32.31!

Rebekah comes along, and finishes in 34.22...

...then James, in 37.37...

...and Amanda, in 40.06

...and Amy, in 45.17...

...and Melissa, in 45.29...

...and Hope walked the course in just 1 hour and 5 minutes!

We all rejoice that we made it!  :)

-Four miles can seem SO LONG when you're in the middle of it!  

The weather was perfect, and there were more racers than in previous years,
which meant stiffer competition... 

Last year "we" took home 6 trophies (including David, who had to work this year, and little Nathaniel, who is waiting for a shorter race)

This year Rebekah earned a 3rd place trophy

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  1. That looks like so much fun (with some work thrown in :))!!!! Hugs and prayers for many blessings!!!