Friday, August 16, 2013

Poppie People

Melissa created these adorable little dolls first for Eva, then decided to start making them to sell.

Poppie People are wooden peg dolls dressed in hand crocheted cotton clothes.

Eva loves her Poppie family.

She plays with them all the time, and when she leaves home, she usually carries a few of them with her in her purse.

Poppie People come in all sorts of different color schemes.

You can buy them individually... pairs...

...or in families.

Poppie People come in 3 sizes.  The parents are 2 3/8" tall, and the children are 1 3/4" tall.

There are also 3 1/2 " Jumbo Poppies that are perfect for toddlers.  

You can combine Poppies of all 3 sizes for an even larger family.

Some customers order a family to match their own.

One special ordered this "Little House on the Prairie" family.

Another customer shared this picture of her daughter's Poppies at home in their new house.

These Bride and Groom cake toppers are Melissa's most detailed Poppie creation.  

We made this fabric house for our little cousin's Poppies.

Emma's Poppies live in this Melissa and Doug Dollhouse.

They fit in the furniture perfectly.

They also fit perfectly in this covered wagon.

You can visit Melissa's online shop to see more of her Poppie People families or to order some of your own.

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