Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Day

We like to hang the Christmas cards and pictures we receive around this door frame.  If you look closely you might spot yours somewhere in there.

Christmas breakfast 

Melissa and Ross found these "indoor snowballs" and got them for us.

The camera becomes a target (you can't do that with real snowballs!)

Opening stockings

Something is funny!

Ross got a copy of The Smith Family Dictionary.  In order to be part of the family he needs to be able to understand/speak our lingo.  :)  (And don't even ask - only family members are allowed to own/see one of these!)

Rebekah and Amanda made us each a pillowcase.

We like to put gag gifts in stockings - David put this hideous pen in Deborah's.

Mama Flo made Ross a scrapbook of pictures of Melissa

Amanda's new John Deere hat

Rachel made David these pictures of the two of them.

25# of peanuts for Daddy

Merry Christmas!

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