Sunday, March 29, 2015

Maryland Trip Part 3


Jonathan arrived late Sunday night!
Hudson looks a lot like Jonathan did at that age.
(He's putting his finger in his nose because he liked the reaction he got from me!)

Nanny has a very old Sears catalog.  We enjoyed looking through it!

Wish you could buy a gun for that price today!

On Monday morning we (except Steven, who had to work) went to Cacapon State Park to have a picnic on top of the mountain.

This sign says "Danger. Thin Ice" :)

At the bottom of the mountain we found a rope across the road with a sign saying the road was closed for the season!

We decided we would walk to the top instead of driving.

All bundled up!

We started off on our lovely walk... 

...but soon discovered it was going to be quite a feat to get to the top! 

After walking awhile we reached a sign that said it was still 4 miles to the top of the mountain!

Eva wanted to get out and run awhile.

The scenery was so beautiful! 

We decided to try a few stunts along the way :)

We walked for what seemed like hours!

We estimated that the stroller with all it's content must have been about 80lbs!

We took turns pushing and pulling it all the way to the top.

It was WAY harder than it looks! :)

When we finally made it to the top, the view was totally worth it!

I thought it was neat to be on the same level as the clouds and see their shadows below!

Picnic time!

Of course we had to get plenty of pictures before we started the long walk back down the mountain.

With my dear friend Hannah

Anna and Sarah... the kids

Daniel and Jonathan


Smiths (and Corbetts)

Anna and I (photobomb by Eva) in our matching hoodies

We decided to cut a mile out of our walk by sliding down the side of the mountain instead of taking the road. Should have taken a was very funny! :)

  Everyone was to busy trying not to fall, so we don't have any pictures of the process.

Sarah and Anna


This tree was eating a rock! :)

We visited 4 states in one day!
The Hales

Hannah and I

When we got back to the house we were all super-tired!
Sweet Eva brought her special blanket to cover her Uncle Jonathan.

Such darling children!



Jonathan and Hudson

Playing ball at the table :)

Jonathan and Eva

Sarah Hale visiting with Nanny

Tuesday was the day we all had to say "goodbye" :(

 I got to fly home in this cool plane, though.

The view was breathtaking!
I had a wonderful trip! (And I know I've probably bored everyone to death with my lengthy posts!)
It's fun to see the pictures again and re-live the fun times! :)

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