Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Lewis Edition: Home in Texas!

When Russell and I arrived home after our honeymoon we found that these special people had brought down a load of my things ... including my purse, which I'd accidentally left in Tennessee!  

We had a wonderful time unloading, visiting, and eating pizza and Bluebell before they headed back to Greenville for the night. 

Thanks, y'all!!!  Your visit is something we'll always remember and appreciate!!!

The piano my sweet husband bought for me.  (We decided to leave my piano at my parents' for now and not attempt to get it up the stairs to our apartment.)  I love it!!!  I've so enjoyed practicing on it and being able to teach piano lessons from home!

Cute little dining area

Our living room.  So cozy and homey!!!

We have so enjoyed having friends in our home for a meal!
Here our dining area is set up to seat 7. 

Rebekah's and my bouquets from the wedding :)

A project I've been working on: Sanding down the piano bench.

I love the colors in the wood!

Flowers on our balcony.  These have brought us so much joy!

We've taken a couple of day trips to Dallas since we've been married.  It's so fun to do things together!!


The house in Richardson where my family spent 9 happy years!

Brings back so many memories!!!

At the Galleria

All decked out for the 4th of July!

We accidentally got on a toll road that went under the expressway!  It was so interesting that we decided it was worth it! ;)

Finally got the closet organized!
Russell's side

My side

Working on wedding gift thank you notes.  
We were blessed and overwhelmed by the many generous and thoughtful gifts we were given!

I'll close with a couple of wedding pictures a friend took and sent me from her phone. Thank you, Mrs. Parris!

I think they're pretty special. :)


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