Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Lewis Edition: November!

"No fruit, no flowers, no leaves, no birds, November!"

I was delighted to be able to attend Deborah and Daniel's wedding reception in Greenville this month!  Sadly, Russell had to miss because of work, but I was grateful for Daddy and Jonathan coming halfway to pick me up! 

A picture I sent to Russell.  It was a joy to visit with friends, new and old.

The view from Sarah and Cody's porch ... such a nice place to stay!!  Thank you, you two!

The next morning, before heading back home: Deborah feeding her kitten his favorite snack ... broken raw eggs!

D and D's adorable little abode!

We were SO happy to have Rebekah come and spend the week between the reception and Thanksgiving with us!

The two of us setting out for a walk to Dollar General.

One day we had some friends from church over for lunch and visiting.  We enjoyed our time with them!

Becky, Anna, Lydia and Rebekah

A treat at Dairy Queen! :)

It was wonderful to have Rebekah help me with picture hanging!  We laid the pictures out on the floor to get an idea of how they would look on the wall. :)

Our bedroom

We spent a very special Thanksgiving week in Tennessee ... I hope my sisters took pictures because I didn't! ;)

Our new bed!!!  
There's a lot I could say about this, but, simply put, it's a reminder to me of God's goodness and faithfulness!

Thank you, Lord!

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